The company is based in the Rhone-Alpes
region of Ardeche in the little village of Desgaignes.. Located (50 km)16.5 Miles
Valence on the road that links Valence to Puy.


Company background

This family company was created on January 1st 1966 by Mr Marc Bard.
The principal activity was cabinetmaking..
In December 1967 Mr Bard formed an apprentice, still working
In the company. Through the years the company specialized in frame work structure.
Alexis, the oldest son, joined the team composed of 4 skilled workers in 1983.
They worked jointly for 17 years until Mr Bard's retirement and Alexis took over July 1st 2000.
He creates the LTD
Carpentry Bard which has as of today 10 employees.


At your service for the last 50 years.


Wooden staircases
Fitted carpentry work, (58mm) 2.5 inches thickness, double joints(approval for tax credit)
Traditional frame work.
Cabinetmaking, customized kitchens
Different choices of wood material: local chestnut, pine, exotic wood, larch (melez wood)